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The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) is an international infrastructure securing Holocaust research, commemoration and education on a trans-national level. EHRI-UK is the national node representing the United Kingdom within this international research consortium. EHRI-UK is ensuring the long-term sustainability of Holocaust research within the UK and beyond by:

  • representing institutions within the UK (and Crown Dependencies) which contain materials related to Holocaust Studies within a strong research consortium;

  • connecting resources through a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure;

  • developing innovative digital research tools;

  • offering fellowships and training opportunities for researchers, archivists, and heritage professionals.

EHRI's impact is primarily scientific, however, the infrastructure also advances a wider social and political agenda. The recent rise of antisemitism, xenophobia and aggressive nationalisms in Europe and beyond demonstrate that Holocaust research is never a purely academic concern, but a prerequisite for open and non-discriminatory societies across Europe and beyond.


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Rachel Pistol is a digital historian based at King's College London and is an Associate Advisor to The Wiener Holocaust Library, London. She specialises in immigration and refugee history, Second World War internment in the UK, and refugee trajectories. She is a member of the EHRI Project Management Board where she coordinates dissemination, innovation and virtual access activities.

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Christine Schmidt is a historian of the Holocaust, with a passion for and commitment to public history, archives, and cultural heritage. She is Deputy Director and Head of Research at The Wiener Holocaust Library, London, where she oversees their academic programming and research initiatives, curates exhibitions, and develops research partnerships.

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